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Holiday Dolls

As the snowflakes fall, a Holiday Barbie doll sparkles in a shimmering gown. This year Barbie will be celebrating 20 years of holiday-themed Barbie dolls. Since 1988 Mattel has manufactured a limited edition collectible Holiday or Christmas Barbie dolls every year. Other dolls, like Bye Lo Babies, are great for any season.

Barbie has been a collecting icon for years with their annual Holiday Edition Barbie dolls. Barbie Holiday dolls are one, if not the most collected holiday theme. With eBay you can find many colorful Holiday Edition Barbie dolls including some of the best years as well hard to find years. There are also exciting, talking Chatty Cathys that are great as gifts for boys and girls.

Throughout this eBay you will see the following collector`s terminology: MIB (Mint In Box), NRFM (Never Removed from Box), and/or MNB (Mint No Box). You will want to consider keeping your Barbie doll in its original box. This keeps your doll in good condition and make sure the box is intact. If you do not have a curio to display your dolls in their original boxes, you can protect them by wrapping them in clear plastic.

Hopefully, your collection includes a few of the limited and collector`s editions. They are both produced in quantities of 35,000, but the limited edition is produced in lesser quantities of 35,000. The first limited edition Holiday Barbie doll was produced in 1988. Keep in mind that the Barbie dolls that were first produced will continue to increase in value. One thing to consider is that Barbie dolls that are blonde are more common that brunettes. Rarities and a doll that remains in the box are always worth more. Need more clothes for your dolls? Check out .Dolly`s Duds.

Holiday Dolls